Servant Leadership by McDonald’s Co-founder Ray Kroc!

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December 21, 2017
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Servant Leadership by McDonald’s Co-founder Ray Kroc!

I have always been fascinated by Ray Kroc’s business ideology and philosophy. Everyone knows McDonald’s is big but very few know just how significant its impact on American and world business really is. Before Ray Kroc’s McDonald’s had been in operation for three decades, Ray Kroc had become and American business legend. He was one of Americas most enterprising capitalist, a rugged individualist who took his biggest gamble – and collected his biggest payoff-just thirteen years before he could begin collecting on his social security.

One of the few characteristics that Ray Kroc’s exhibited as a transformational servant leader was as follows:

  • Empower his employees, Harry Sonneborn & June Martino are few examples of empowerment .
  • Worked among his employees to create the most robust system ever .
  • He put the needs of his employees ahead of his needs, Ray barely scrapped through while his franchisees were super successful.
  • Lead by an example, Ray used to clean the drive through parking lot himself if he felt it wasn’t up to his standard.

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